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Summer Camp at Conecta Preschool


Summer Camp at Conecta Preschool 

5 Benefits of Summer Camp at Conecta

You might be wondering if summer camp is the right choice for your family. While every child and family has unique needs, the benefits that your child receives from continuing their social and emotional education through the summer months are huge. Young children’s brains are developing at a rapid rate. Summer camp solidifies and develops a variety of developmental skills that are necessary for sustained intellectual growth. Here are some of the ways your child will benefit from attending Conecta’s summer camp for preschoolers.


Social-emotional Development 

Interaction with other children in a structured environment is beneficial for social and emotional learning. When children are interacting with each other, they are developing skills in emotional management, empathy, and the maintenance of positive relationships. They are making new friends and learning how to process and navigate social obstacles that will prepare them for school and adulthood.


The Reinforcement of Skills

Your preschooler is actively testing out their independence. They are learning how to collaborate with others, how to regulate themselves, and how to contribute to and manage within a group. Because our program promotes group activity and collaboration, these important social skills are continually being developed.


They are Being Active

Children are a bundle of energy; they need to run around and play. At summer camp, your child will be climbing, crawling, running, and jumping, and developing their gross motor skills. Additionally, they will be improving on their fine motor skills. Their little fingers will be busy working with a variety of manipulatives as they explore their individual artistic and ceative talents.


 Brain Development

Children at the preschool age are in a process of tremendous brain development. We provide a structured yet open environment for your child to process and develop newly learned skills. They are exercising their brains, which prepares them for the school year ahead. The transition from summer to fall is much easier for children when their schedules are consistent.


Parent Sanity

Let’s face it, parents need a break sometimes. Parent sanity is important in keeping with a calming and relaxing home. Summer camp gives you a chance to take care of your many tasks. You can feel good about knowing that your child is busy - busy developing their physical, social, emotional, and academic skills.