The One Hour About Page

You’ve created your stellar website, listed your services, developed a killer landing page, and now you’re staring at a blank slate - you have one thing left- that damn “About Page”.

Nothing is harder than writing about ourselves. I know - writing my own resume took me weeks. Writing a client’s resume takes me a few hours.

Well, here’s the secret to getting your page written in a way that connects you with your clients and creates conversion - don’t talk about yourself - talk about your client.

Wait, what?

Think about it: when you read a company’s about page, are you really reading every line? Every yawn-inducing sentence about what college they went to, how many years they’ve been in business, or what big companies they worked for? Chances are, you’re skimming. What you really want to know is:

Does this guy get me? Can they really help me with my problem?

An effective about page gets in the head of the reader. It states, right off the bat, what their problem is and that you understand their problem. When they are finished reading about you, they feel like you get them. You get their needs. You’re on their side. And you can help solve their problem.

It’s a bit sneaky - you’re writing about yourself by writing about your clients, in a roundabout way.

It’s an easy way to get information on the page without waxing on about you and your expertise. Plus you’ll be garnering excitement and interest.

Let your readers know that you understand them - you’re their champion! List credentials briefly, but don’t go overboard.

Ready to get your page up and running in an hour or less?

I’ve created a step-by-step cheat sheet to help you slay the About Page on your website and get your readers to not only trust you, but feel confident that you are the one that can help them.

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