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Create a buyer persona

Writing content for your blog is a multi-step process. No, writing amazing content for your blog is a multi-step process. I covered that process here.

But before you even begin the writing process, it’s really, really important to identify WHO you are writing to.

I didn’t know anything about avatars until my business coach (who is amazing, by the way) taught me about them - and I had so much fun creating them!

I have put together an entire workbook that will help you identify your reader AND decide what to write about and when to share it, depending on your avatar’s unique habits.

Win-win, right?!

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It’s important to identify your audience in order to really connect with them before you even begin thinking about what you are going to put in your blog . Who is your reader? How can you engage best with them? What value can you provide them? What language should you use in your writing? What media channels will you use to promote your content and at what times?

This is more than just identifying your ideal client. This workbook will help you connect with your avatar so you have a better chance of converting them into a paying customer. You will eventually have more than one avatar - start with one, and then add more as your business grows.

It might seem counter-intuitive to write to a small, specific group of people when really you are trying to reach a large audience! But when we write to a large audience, we run the risk of not reaching anyone, as it’s not really connecting on a personal level. What you’re trying to do is get in the heads of the people you are marketing to.

Allan Dibs said it best in The One-Page Marketing Plan, “Trying to target everyone really means that you’re targeting no one. By going too broad you kill your “specialness” and you become a commodity bought on price. By narrowly defining a target market that you can wow and deliver huge results for, you become a specialist.”

Delivering great content through well-written, engaging, SEO friendly, and targeted blog articles will not only generate more traffic to your website but will help you reach and convert your ideal clients.

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