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Successful Entrepreneurship and the Tenacity Factor

This isn't the only business I have started. In fact, it isn't even the second. It's the third. And on top of that, I have written business plans for two other businesses that I didn't see through. I don't look at these prior endeavors as failures. I look at them as hands-on learning experiences. What I learned was that I was missing a key component to finding success. 

I lacked the tenacity to push my idea forward. 

My current business is still in the beginning stages. I am learning as I go. While I am confident in the quality of the products I deliver, I am still working on understanding the ins and outs of running a business. But what is keeping me afloat is tenacity. 

Tenacity is "the very fact of being determined."  This undying belief that this is what I am meant to do is what keeps me going every day. 

Of course, there are off days, when I question my choices and feel discouraged. And to be totally clichè, I remind myself that, "Rome wasn't built in a day." I'm not saying I'm starting a new republic. What I am saying is that any new endeavor takes time. It also takes skill, courage, and determination. 

I recently wrote content for a brand new business's website. This business is so new, their website isn't even live yet.  As I interviewed the owner to create his web copy, I was filled with a sense of genuine excitement for his project. He was so passionate and so heartfelt about his mission that I was re-invigorated about my own venture. He possessed a tenacity that was infectious. 

With tenacity, and a willingness to power through and learn from mistakes, you can achieve your business goals. 

Writing for a new business gives me purpose. I feel like I connect with other new entrepreneurs like kindred spirits.  

Roadblocks will come up. One of the issues that held up my client was that he was having a tough time coming up with the correct wording to describe his business to others. In my opinion, one the hardest things to write about is oneself. I can bust out new résumés for clients with no problem, but it took me two weeks to write my own! 

If you're a new business or you have a business idea that you really want to see take off but are having a hard time coming up with the right verbiage to make your idea shine through, I want to help you. 

Let me get you through that obstacle so you can keep on moving forward with the determination that you possess. Sometimes even the most tenacious of us need a little help.