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Achieving a Work/Life Balance

I recently worked on creating my first purpose statement. The result was nothing I could have predicted. 

First off, I had to decide what my core values are. After answering a ton of questions, checking words off a list, grouping them, crossing them off, and pondering over them, I came up with mine. They are freedom, balance, family, and community. 

Ok, well, this is great, but what does this have to do with having a writing business? 

What I found out was that the reason I started this business in the first place was that I wanted more balance in my life. I love working. But I also love spending time with my family. I also love getting outside and engaging with the community. And I love enjoying the beauty of the mountain town we live in. 

I started this business to achieve greater balance among the things I love the most. I didn't want to wake up to an alarm anymore and have to rush my daughter off to school while I tried to rush myself off to work. I wanted to be home if my daughter got sick at school. I wanted to be able to find quality time to spend with my friends and family. 

I want this for everyone. 

I love writing. But what I love more is knowing that I am helping another business owner by giving them more time to do the things they love, whether it's working on another aspect of their business, spending time playing outside, chilling with their family, or enjoying a beer with friends. 

That is my purpose. It's to give more freedom to other business owners so that they can achieve a greater balance between work, family, and their personal lives. I do this by writing for businesses because it's what I love to do, and it's what I am good at. 

Let me know how I can help you. Let me take the writing off your plate so you can do what you love most.