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How to Win More Clients by Improving Your Website

Your website is your first impression for shopping customers. When they enter a search term in that magic Google box, your site (hopefully) pops up, along with those of your competitors.

What is influencing a buyer to purchase from you versus them?

Think for a minute about what compels you to buy from one company over another. Is it the website itself? Is it the look? Is it the ease of use? Is it the information they provide?

Make sure your website is not only up to par with your competitors’ but better. 

The average internet user has a very, very short attention span. AND they are more likely using their phone (not a computer) to research your business.

Your information has to get right to the point. It has to be short and sweet so that the shopper can make an easy decision and be on their way. They want to feel confident that they are choosing the right person for the job.

Here some questions to ask yourself about your website if you are looking to land more clients.

How do I compare with my competition? 

Visit your competition’s website. What are they doing that you like? Dislike? Would you hire them? Why or why not? What did you read on their website? Was it easy to find all the information you would want as a prospective customer? Was it easy to book them? How can you make your website better than theirs?

How does my writing read? 

Read all the writing on your website. Is it interesting? Do you like it? Is it short and to the point or does it ramble on and on? Can you trim some of it so that the content is more likely to be read?

Am I using the right keywords?

What words are your customers searching for when they type into that Google search box looking for your service? Are you using all of them on your website? Are you integrating them in a seamless way that seems natural and readable?

Do I look like an expert in my field?

Do you offer tips and solutions to your customers? Do you have a section dedicated to informing people of the latest news and information in your trade?

Get the most out of your website by addressing these 4 areas. Stand out from your competition. The goal is to assure your prospects that you are the best person for the job.

If this sounds like too much, I can help. Contact me to find out how I can make your website stand out so that you can get the clients you want.