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4 reasons you should be blogging if you are a small business:

According to The Statistics Portal, there are over 30 million active bloggers that post new content at least once a month. The reason? Blogging serves a very functional purpose within a cohesive marketing strategy. If you are a small business and are looking for a relatively easy way to get more clients, you should seriously consider adding a blog to your website.

It Boosts Traffic to Your Website

Google likes websites that are updated and modified. It tells them that your website is relevant to a user’s search. It also gives you the opportunity to embed search term keywords into your site so that people can find answers to their questions. In other words, it’s good for SEO, or search engine optimization. A frequently updated blog will drive traffic to your website, and hopefully, turn curious readers into customers.

It Confirms You as an Expert

Posting fresh and informative content, related to your subject matter, shows potential customers that you know your stuff. Not only do you provide a product or service, you are also demonstrating to your potential clients that you know the ins and outs of your market. You’re an expert – clearly, they should hire you because you consistently demonstrate that you are an accomplished professional in your field.

It Keeps You Current

Creating weekly articles for your blog forces you to research the current trends in your market. It allows you to stay ahead of competitors and chart what is new and developing in your field. It’s good business practice and gives you an edge when customers are comparing companies.

It Allows You to Give Back to Your Clients

This is your way of providing potential clients and customers with something valuable – for free! People love free! And the more free stuff you give them, the more likely they are to hire you.

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