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10 Minutes a Day to Grow Your Business

My #1 tool for business growth? Goal Setting.

A few weeks ago, I bought a bullet journal and downloaded the PDF for the SELF Journal. In all honesty, I just wasn’t ready to fork over the $$ for the actual SELF Journal yet, as I wanted to try it out first on my own. I guess that is sort of cheating, but this way I am able to tailor the journal to my needs as I go.

Utilizing a goal-oriented journal has been a game changer for my business. Once I started actually writing down my long-term and short-term goals, I saw serious growth. I acquired more clients and brought in more profit in two weeks than I had in the previous three months.

It was a bit of a painful process in the beginning, however. Self-doubt took hold: Am I reaching too high? Too low? Is my goal really feasible? What am I afraid of? Why does this seem so hard?

It seemed hard because my goals were now staring right back at me, and they demanded my attention. What if I fail? What if I can’t hit the high marks I set for myself? What will that say about me?

Fear of failure was holding me back. Writing down what I genuinely wanted was terrifying. Then I came to a realization that shifted my perspective.

The point of embracing goals is to provide concrete direction. They should be revisited daily and re-crafted as needed.

It’s like the old adage, “It’s the journey, not the destination.” My destination, or my goal, will change based on what I learn, encounter, and absorb along my entrepreneurial journey.

For me, and my business, goal-setting gives me:

Direction: After identifying my long-term goal, I work backward to create quarterly, monthly, weekly, and finally, daily goals. It’s a map that leads me to my ultimate destination.

Accountability: Every day I write down my long-term goal and the steps I have to take that day to get there. It’s like my “yesterday self” is reminding my “today self” that I have important shit to do today. No excuses. 

Purpose: My work day starts out with a mission. I know what I have to do and where I want to go. I’m no longer floundering around trying to figure out what I should be working on next. It’s spelled out right in front of me.

It only takes a few minutes, every morning, to write down my focus for the day. This small activity allows me to hone in on my one thing that will lead me forward. If you feel like you don’t have time to create goals because you are too busy trying to run your business, shoot me an email! If I can take one thing off your plate - whether it be website content improvement, creating a blog post, or writing a newsletter for your clients – you’ll have the few minutes it takes to grow your clientele just by creating a solid road map for the day.